restricted access   Volume 71, Number 3, Fall 2004

Table of Contents

A Note on the Seventieth Anniversary of Social Research

pp. ix-x

Editor’s Introduction

pp. v-vii

Philosophy and Politics

pp. 427-454

The Making of a “Bourgeois Revolution”

pp. 455-480

The Nation and Nationalism in Germany

pp. 481-500

Capitalism by Democratic Design?: Democratic Theory Facing the Triple Transition in East Central Europe

pp. 501-528

Liberalism and the Right to Culture

pp. 529-548

The Seductiveness of Moral Disgust

pp. 549-568

Ethics and Biogenetic Art

pp. 569-582

Economic Methodology: Heterogeneity and Relevance

pp. 583-614

Economics as Universal Science

pp. 615-632

What Does It Mean to Be an “American”?

pp. 633-654

Squaring the Hermeneutic Circle

pp. 655-678

A Private Reading of André Gide’s Public Journal

pp. 679-690

Life as Narrative

pp. 691-710

The Mythology of Masquerading Animals, or, Bestiality

pp. 711-732

Professional Liars

pp. 733-752

Literature and Technology: Nature’s “Lawful Offspring in Man’s Art”

pp. 753-778

Notes on Contributors

p. c3