restricted access   Volume 71, Number 2, Summer 2004

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction

pp. v-vi

Guest Editor’s Introduction

pp. vii-xi

Papers by Robert L. Heilbroner Published in Social Research

p. xii

Part I Heilbroner's Methodology

Even a Worldly Philosopher Needs a Good Mechanic

pp. 203-210

Is Economics a Natural Science?

pp. 211-222

Science, Economics, “Vision”

pp. 223-234

The Robert Heilbroner Problem

pp. 235-250

Visualizing the Economy

pp. 251-262

Part II Worldly Philosophy and Twenty-First-Century Capitalism

Do Only Economic Illiterates Argue that Trade Can Destroy Jobs and Lower America’s National Income?

pp. 265-278

Two Views on the Obstacles to Development

pp. 279-292

The Worldly Philosophers and the War Economy

pp. 293-304

Structuralist Economics: Worldly Philosophers, Models, and Methodology

pp. 305-326

Part III Rethinking Markets, Rationality, and Choice

Rationality and Ideology in Economics

pp. 329-342

Sleeping Beauty Awakes: Self-Interest, Feminism, and Fertility in the Early Twentieth Century

pp. 343-356

Markets and Their Social Construction

pp. 357-370

The Power of Profit

pp. 371-382

Part IV Heilbroner in the History of Economic Thought

Heilbroner and Polanyi: A Shared Vision

pp. 385-398

Envisioning Provisioning: Adolph Lowe and Heilbroner’s Worldly Philosophy

pp. 399-418

The Worldly Philosopher Behind The Worldly Philosophers

pp. 419-426

Notes on Contributors

pp. c3-c4