restricted access   Volume 25, Number 4, Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: History, Historicism, and Historiography

Editor’s Note

pp. 695-698


Historicism Blues

pp. 699-717

Turning the Looking Glass on King Philip’s War: Locating American Literature in Native Space

pp. 718-750

The Invention of America Again: On the Impossibility of an Archive

pp. 751-771

The Origin of the American Work of Art

pp. 772-802

The Geographic Imagination of Civil War-Era American Fiction

pp. 803-840

The Literariness of Sexuality: Or, How to Do the (Literary) History of (American) Sexuality

pp. 841-854

American Literary History and Queer Temporalities

pp. 855-869

Zionism as Anticolonialism: The Case of Exodus

pp. 870-895

Crowdsourcing History: Ishmael Reed, Tony Kushner, and Steven Spielberg Update the Civil War

pp. 896-914

Forgetting Auschwitz: Jonathan Littell and the Death of a Beautiful Woman

pp. 915-930

The New Newest Thing, Redux

pp. 931-943

The Ends of History

pp. 944-957

What Will Be African-American Literature?

pp. 958-966

A Reply to Mark Christian Thompson

pp. 967-974

Forthcoming: Volume 26, Number 1

p. 975