restricted access   Volume 36, 2012

Table of Contents


Mapping Japan in Chosŏn Korea: Images in the Government Report Haedong chegukki

pp. 1-30

The Race and Racism Discourses in Modern Korea, 1890s-1910s

pp. 31-57

Politicization of Ethnicity: Ethnic Discrimination Risk Management of the Korean Diaspora in Russia

pp. 58-82

The Downfall of a Model Citizen?: Family Background in North Korean Graphic Novels

pp. 83-122

Flow and Irony: Locating Literary Modernity in Hahn Moo-Sook's Retrospective Gazes

pp. 123-144

Book Reviews

The Jehol Diary: Yŏrha ilgi of Pak Chiwŏn (1737-1805) by Pak Chiwŏn (review)

pp. 145-148

Borderline Japan: Foreigners and Frontier Controls in the Postwar Era by Tessa Morris-Suzuki (review)

pp. 149-153

Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea: Freedom's Frontier by Theodore Hughes (review)

pp. 153-155

Seven Contemporary Plays: From the Korean Diaspora in the Americas ed. by Esther Kim Lee (review)

pp. 155-158

Traces of Life: Seen through Korean Eyes, 1945-1992 ed. by Chang Jae Lee (review)

pp. 158-164


pp. 165-166