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From: The American Journal of Bioethics

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Editorial: The Wisdom of Leon the Professional [Ethicist]

pp. vii-viii

Target Article

Crossing Species Boundaries

pp. 1-13

Open Peer Commentaries

Crossing Species Boundaries Is Even More Controversial than You Think

pp. 14-15

Ethics and Species Integrity

pp. 15-17

Defining Chimeras. .. and Chimeric Concerns

pp. 17-20

Crossing Species Boundaries and Making Human-Nonhuman Hybirds: Moral and Legal Ramifications

pp. 20-21

Human-Animal Transgenesis and Chimeras Might Be an Expression of Our Humanity

pp. 22-25

What's Wrong with Confusion?

pp. 25-26

A Legal Perspective on Humanity, Personhood, and Species Boundaries

pp. 27-28

Hopes against Hopeful Monsters

pp. 28-30

Transgenic Chimeras

pp. 30-31

No Real Categories, Only Chimeras and Illusions: The Interplay between Morality and Science in Debates over Embryonic Chimeras

pp. 31-33

The Moral Insignificance of Crossing Species Boundaries

pp. 33-34

Patents on Human-Animal Chimeras and Threats to Human Dignity

pp. 35-36

In Defense of the Moral Relevance of Species Boundaries

pp. 37-38

Are There Answers?

Creating Human-Nonhuman Chimeras: Of Mice and Men

Chimeras and "Human Dignity"

Crossing Perspectival Chasms about Species

Moral Ambiguity, "Yes," Moral Confusion, "No"

Species and Races, Chimeras and Multiracial People

A Scientist Crossing a Boundary: A Step into the Bioethical Issues Surrounding Stem Cell Research

In Defense of Stem Cell Chimeras: A Response to "Crossing Species Boundaries"

The Humane Imperative: A Moral Opportunity

The Bioethics of Fiction: The Chimera in Film and Print

Drawing the Line at Not-Fully-Human: What We Already Know

Target Article

All Gifts Large and Small: Toward an Understanding of the Ethics of Pharmaceutical Industry Gift Giving

pp. 39-46

Open Peer Commentaries

Bribes for Doctors: A Gift for Bioethicsts?

pp. 47-48

Voluntary Self-regulatory Codes: What Should We Expect?

pp. 49-50

Small Gifts, Conflicts of Interest, and the Zero-Tolerance Threshold in Medicine

pp. 50-52

Cheap Trinkets, Effective Marketing: Small Gifts from Drug Companies to Physicians

pp. 52-54

The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Industry Gift Giving: The Role of a Professional Association

pp. 54-55

Pharmaceutical Industry Influences on Physician Prescribing: Gifts, Quasi-gifts, and Patient-Directed Gifts

pp. 56-57

All Rationalizations Large and Small

pp. 57-58

Pens and Other Pharmaceutical Industry Gifts

pp. 58-60

Access to Medication and Drug Company Sales Practices: Setting Priorities for Critique and Advocacy

p. 61

Lunch with Lilly: Who Pays?

pp. 62-63

Banning Pens and Pads Misses the Main Point

pp. 63-65

The Invisible Influence of Industry Inducements

pp. 65-67

Industry-to-Physician Marketing and the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Large or Small, a Gift Is a Gift Is a Gift

The Death of Common Sense


Better than Well: American Medicine Meets the American Dream (review)

pp. 68-69

Validity and Applicability of the Social Sciences to and for Bioethics


pp. iv-vi