restricted access   Volume 94, Number 4, December 2013

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A “Golden Age” of CBC Television News for the Military, 1952–1956

pp. 489-513

Taming and Training Greek “Peasant Girls” and the Gendered Politics of Whiteness in Postwar Canada: Canadian Bureaucrats and Immigrant Domestics, 1950s–1960s

pp. 514-539

CHR Forum

Illusionary Order: Online Databases, Optical Character Recognition, and Canadian History, 1997–2010

pp. 540-569

A Life in History / La vie d’historien/ne

Être en même temps le passant dans la rue et le spectateur à la fenêtre ?

pp. 570-592


Creating Complicated Lives: Women and Science at English-Canadian Universities, 1880–1980 by Marianne Gosztonyi Ainley (review)

pp. 593-596

Art and Science in Breeding: Creating Better Chickens by Margaret E. Derry (review)

pp. 596-597

Pierre-Esprit Radisson: The Collected Writings. Vol. 1, The Voyages ed. by Germaine Warkentin (review)

pp. 598-600

Irish and Scottish Encounters with Indigenous Peoples: Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia ed. by Graeme Morton, David A. Wilson (review)

pp. 600-602

Thomas D’Arcy McGee. Vol. 2, The Extreme Moderate, 1857–1868 by David A. Wilson (review)

pp. 602-605

The Covenanters in Canada: Reformed Presbyterianism from 1820 to 2012 by Eldon Hay (review)

pp. 605-607

This Great National Object: Building the Nineteenth-Century Welland Canals by Roberta M. Styran, Robert R. Taylor (review)

pp. 607-609

Hard Times: Reforming the Penitentiary in Nineteenth-Century Canada by Ted McCoy (review)

pp. 609-612

Irish Canadian Conflict and the Struggle for Irish Independence, 1912–1925 by Robert McLaughlin (review)

pp. 612-613

Canadian Liberalism and the Politics of Border Control, 1867–1967 by Christopher G. Anderson (review)

pp. 614-615

Maple Leaf Empire: Canada, Britain, and Two World Wars by Jonathan Vance (review)

pp. 616-618

A Sisterhood of Suffering and Service: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the First World War ed. by Sarah Glassford, Amy Shaw (review)

pp. 618-621

Through Feminist Eyes: Essays on Canadian Women’s History by Joan Sangster (review)

pp. 621-623

A Cultural History of the Nurse’s Uniform by Christina Bates (review)

pp. 623-625

Cold War Comforts: Canadian Women, Child Safety, and Global Insecurity by Tarah Brookfield (review)

pp. 625-627

Give Me Shelter: The Failure of Canada’s Cold War Civil Defence by Andrew Burtch (review)

pp. 627-629

Company Towns: Corporate Order and Community by Neil White (review)

pp. 629-631

Canadians and the Natural Environment to the Twenty-First Century by Neil S. Forkey, and: An Environmental History of Canada by Laurel Sefton Macdowell (review)

pp. 631-634

Debating Dissent: Canada and the Sixties ed. by Lara Campbell, Dominique Clément, Gregory S. Kealey (review)

pp. 634-636

Elusive Destiny: The Political Vocation of John Napier Turner by Paul Litt (review)

pp. 636-638

Recent Publications Relating to Canada

pp. 639-652