restricted access   Volume 32, Number 4, Winter 1992

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From: L'Esprit Créateur

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Fins de siècle

Guest Editor: Lawrence R. Schehr


pp. 5-6


The Eighteenth Century or Fin-de-Siècle Beginnings

pp. 7-19

Zola’s Fin-de-Siècle Pessimism: Knowledge in Crisis

pp. 21-29

“La machine à parler” A partir d’un conte de Marcel Schwob

pp. 31-40

To the Lighthouse: Fictions of Masculine Identity in Rachilde’s La Tour d’Amour

pp. 41-51

The Decadent Subject

pp. 53-62

French Thought 1940–1990, the Millenium, and the New World Order

pp. 63-74

Millenary Anamorphosis: French Map, American Dream

pp. 75-82

Hysterical Communities: Reflections on Our Fin de Siècle

pp. 83-92

Review Article

Sexual Personae: Guerrilla Scholarship or Monkey Business?

pp. 93-97

Book Reviews

Performing Motherhood: The Sévigné Correspondence by Michèle Longino Farrell (review)

p. 98

Nouvelles complètes 1 by Paul Morand (review)

p. 99

From Violence to Vision: Sacrifice in the Works of Marguerite Yourcenar by Joan E. Howard (review)

p. 100

Histoire du Structuralisme. Vol. I: Le champ du signe; Vol. II: Le chant du signe by François Dosse (review)

pp. 100-102

Index, Volume XXXII (1992)

pp. 103-104