restricted access   Volume 29, Number 1, Spring 1989

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From: L'Esprit Créateur

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Psychoanalysis & the French Text

Guest Editor: Charles Bernheimer


The Image as Textual Unconscious: Medieval Manuscripts

pp. 7-23

The Perverse Traveler: Flaubert’s Voyage en Orient

pp. 24-36

Rewriting the Oedipal Triangle: Feminism, Psychoanalysis and the Saint-Simonians

pp. 37-49

The Body in Question: Anatomy, Textuality, and Fetishism in Zola

pp. 50-60

Anxious Affinities: Text as Screen in Truffaut’s Jules et Jim

pp. 61-71

Fore-skin and After-image: Photographic Fetishism in Tournier’s Fiction

pp. 72-82

What is Called Subject?: A Note on Lacan’s “Linguistery”

pp. 83-96

Book Reviews

Jacques Lacan and the Adventure of Insight: Psychoanalysis in Contemporary Culture by Shoshana Feiman (review)

pp. 97-98

Reading in Detail: Aesthetics and the Feminine by Naomi Schor (review)

pp. 98-99

In the Beginning Was Love: Psychoanalysis and Faith by Julia Kristeva, and: Tales of Love by Julia Kristeva (review)

pp. 100-101

Writing the Truth: Authority and Desire in Rousseau by Thomas Kavanagh (review)

pp. 101-102

Music, Archetype, and the Writer: A Jungian View by Bettina Knapp (review)

p. 103

Freud, Proust and Lacan: Theory as Fiction by Malcolm Bowie (review)

p. 104