restricted access   Number 81, 2013 (New Series)

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Oysters for Breakfast

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Morning Love Poem

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Reading, Rereading

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The Swiss Are Coming!
The Swiss Are Coming!

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Next Time, Merman

p. 5

The Reward of Cruelty

p. 6

Miniature Horse

p. 7

The Ones I Love

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My Aunt Remembers

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Good of Him

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Elegy for My Ability to Be Brash | Because My Lover Drove Me Mad

pp. 14-15

I Could Call You Worse Things

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Black-Footed Country

p. 20

From A Blackberry Rearing

p. 21

The 260-Pound Zeus

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The Vanishing Child

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Dodger Stadium

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Yard Show

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Smile for Me

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Mother May I

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On Late-Stage Pediatric Cardiomyopathy

pp. 46-53

Before Long

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From Proust in Palestine to Marilyn Monroe’s America: An Interview with Jacqueline Rose

pp. 57-78

Special Focus: Feminist Political Theorists

Repoliticizing the Left: An Interview with Jodi Dean

pp. 79-101

Feminism as Agonistic Sorority: An Interview with Bonnie Honig

pp. 102-125

Of Narratives and States: An Interview with Jacqueline Stevens

pp. 126-146

Eco-sensibilities: An Interview with Jane Bennett

pp. 147-158

Books Received

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