restricted access   Volume 118, Number 4, September 2003 (French Issue)

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Special Issue: Francophone Studies: New Landscapes

Guest Editor: Françoise Lionnet and Dominic Thomas


pp. 783-786

I. History, Ethics, and Algeria

Faranca-Algeries ou Djazair-frances? Fractales et mesententes fructueuses

pp. 787-806

Reframing the Colonial Gaze: Photography, Ownership, and Feminist Resistance

pp. 807-840

The "Sensible," the Maternal, and the Ethical Beginnings of Feminist Discourse in Djebar's L'Amour, la fantasia and Loin de Medine

pp. 841-866

II. Engaging with Creole Modernities

De Chronique des sept miseres a Biblique des derniers gestes, Patrick Chamoiseau est-il baroque?

pp. 867-894

"Toutes ces eaux!": Ecology and Empire in Patrick Chamoiseau's Biblique des derniers gestes

pp. 895-910

Creole Vernacular Theatre: Transcolonial Translations in Mauritius

pp. 911-932

III. Performing African Aesthetics

Comment j'ai ecrit mes livres (et autres considerations sommaires)

pp. 933-938

Selection from Transit

pp. 946-954

Fashion Matters: La Sape and Vestimentary Codes in Transnational Contexts and Urban Diasporas

pp. 947-973

Primitivism and Postcolonialism in the Arts

pp. 974-988

IV. Other Articles

Memory out of Line: Hebrew Etymology in the Roman de Brut and Merlin

pp. 989-1014

"Tarrying with the Negative": Baudelaire, Mallarme, and the Rhythm of Modernity

pp. 1015-1042

"Non, non! Si, si!": Commemorating the French Occupation of Egypt (1798-1801)

pp. 1043-1069

La Notion ethique d' habitude dans les Essais : articuler l'art et la nature

pp. 1070-1091


The Delirium of Praise: Bataille, Blanchot, Deleuze, Foucault, and Klossowski (review)

pp. 1092-1095

Death by Drama and Other Medieval Urban Legends (review)

pp. 1096-1097

L'Orateur sans visage: Essai sur l'acteur romain et son masque (review)

pp. 1098-1101

Itineraires du XIXe siecle II (review)

pp. 1101-1105

Women and the Book Trade in Sixteenth-Century France (review)

pp. 1105-1106


pp. 1107-1110