restricted access   Volume 55, Number 3, December 2012

Table of Contents

Rethinking Chimurenga and Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe: A Critique of Partisan National History

pp. 1-26

Deploying Development to Counter Terrorism: Post-9/11 Transformation of U.S. Foreign Aid to Africa

pp. 27-60

Minority Rights, Culture, and Ethiopia’s “Third Way” to Governance

pp. 61-80

The Local Politics of Ethiopia’s Green Revolution in South Wollo

pp. 81-102

Disability Rights Activism in Kenya, 1959–1964: History from Below

pp. 103-122

The Sight, Sound, and Global Traffic of Blackness in Blood Diamond

pp. 123-144

From the Editors

p. 144


Homophobic Africa?: Toward A More Nuanced View

pp. 145-168

Review Essays

Love in the Time of Aids

pp. 169-178

The Cambridge History of South Africa: “We Live in Tragic Times”

pp. 179-184

Book Reviews


The Land beyond the Mists: Essays on Identity and Authority in Precolonial Congo and Rwanda by David Newbury (review)

pp. 185-186

Politics, International Relations, and Globalization

Globalization in Africa: Recolonization or Renaissance? by Pádraig Carmody, and: The New Scramble for Africa by Pádraig Carmody, and: The New Presence of China in Africa ed. by Meine Pieter van Dijk (review)

pp. 187-189

Oil Wealth and the Poverty of Politics: Algeria Compared by Miriam R. Lowi (review)

pp. 190-191

Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade by Gabrielle Hecht (review)

pp. 191-193

The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa by Deborah Brautigam (review)

pp. 193-195

The Scramble for African Oil: Oppression, Corruption and War for Control of Africa’s Natural Resources by Douglas Yates, and: The French Oil Industry and the Corps des Mines in Africa by Douglas Yates (review)

pp. 195-197

Languages, Literature, and the Arts

The Arts of Africa at the Dallas Museum by Roslyn Adele Walker, and: Accumulating Histories: African Art from the Charles B. Benenson Collection at the Yale University Art Gallery by Frederick John Lamp, Amanda M. Maples, and Laura M. Smalligan (review)

pp. 198-199

Books Received

pp. 201-203