restricted access   Volume 24, Number 4, November 2013, Supplement

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Translating Science into Better Health:
The Power of Diversity and Multicultural Engagement

Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI)
13th International Symposium on Health Disparities
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Universidad Central Del Caribe
University of Puerto Rico
December 2012

Guest Editors: Emma Fernández-Repollet, PhD, Eddy Ríos-Olivares, PHD, José Torres-Ruíz, PhD
Principal Investigator Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD


pp. viii-ix

Guest Editors’ Message

pp. x-xi

Heroes and Great Ideas Columns

Scientific Hero: Dr. James E. K. Hildreth

pp. 1-3

Making a Difference: Steps to Develop a Research Pipeline in Puerto Rico

pp. 4-7

Brief Communications

Different Levels of HIV DNA Copy Numbers in Cerebrospinal Fluid Cellular Subsets

pp. 8-16

Reproductive Health Assessment After Disasters: Embedding a Toolkit within the Disaster Management Workforce to Address Health Inequalities among Gulf-Coast Women

pp. 17-28

Hepatitis-C Multimedia Prevention Program in Poor Hispanic HIV-Infected Injecting drug users: Six Months after Intervention

pp. 29-37

Importance of Vitamin D and Vitamin D levels Status in Puerto Ricans

pp. 38-47

Original Papers

A Community-Based Pilot Study of a Diabetes Pharmacist Intervention in Latinos: Impact on Weight and Hemoglobin A1c

pp. 48-60

Fractionated Ocimum gratissimum Leaf Extract Inhibit Prostate Cancer (PC3·AR) Cells Growth by Reducing Androgen Receptor and Survivin Levels

pp. 61-69

Apolipoprotein E4 Prevents Growth of Malaria at the Intraerythrocyte Stage: Implications For Diff erences in Racial Susceptibility to Alzheimer’s Disease

pp. 70-78

Prevalence and Correlates of Depressive Symptoms and Resiliency among African American Women in a Community-Based Primary Health Care Center

pp. 79-93

HIV/AIDS in the Puerto Rican Elderly: Immunological Changes between Gender and Body Mass Index

pp. 94-105

Health Empowerment Technologies (HET): Building a Web-Based Tool to Empower Older African American Patient-Doctor Relationships

pp. 106-117

Acrolein-Induced Oxidative Stress In NAD(P)H Oxidase Subunit gp91phox Knock-Out Mice and its modulation of NFκB and CD36

pp. 118-131

Factors Associated with Time-to-Treatment of Prostate Cancer in Florida

pp. 132-146

Sickle Cell Anemia: The Impact of Discovery, Politics, and Business

pp. 147-158

Report form the Field

Eliminating Health Disparities in Women’s Health in Puerto Rico

pp. 159-167