restricted access   Volume 27, Number 4, August 1994

Table of Contents


pp. 263-268

The Leonardo Gallery

pp. 269-275

Special Section: Virtual Reality: Venus Return or Vanishing Point

Virtual Reality: Venus Return or Vanishing Point

pp. 277-278

Free City and the Art of Memory: The Novel as Artificial Reality

pp. 279-280

Theater without Actors—Immersion and Response in Installation

pp. 281-287

Huan Shi and Virtual Reality

pp. 289-291

The Mutant Gene and Tainted Kool-Aid Sideshow

pp. 293-296

Choosing Tools for Virtual Environments

pp. 297-302

Words on Works

Is Anyone There?: A Voice-activated Tour of San Francisco Via Its Pay Telephones

p. 303

Broken Heart (Corazón Roto)

pp. 303-304

Readings in Organized Chaos

pp. 304-305

Acid Migration of Culture

pp. 305-306

Sound and Ceramics

p. 306

Global Displacement Network

p. 306

Maouja Menhouta (Sculpted Wave)

p. 306

Lagoon Project: San Francisco Exploratorium

p. 307

General Article

Science Icons: The Visualization of Scientific Truths

pp. 309-315


Taste and the Greening of Design: The Role of Design Imagery in a Post-Acquisitive Society

pp. 317-325

Theoretical Perspectives on the Arts, Sciences and Technology

The Emotion of Cyberspace: Art and Cyber-ecology

pp. 327-333

Art History and the Criticism of Computer-Generated Images

pp. 335-342

Invited Review

Synaesthesia: An Account of Coloured Hearing

pp. 343-346

Art/Science Forum

Design and Entertainment in the Electronic Age

pp. 347-351

Farewell Prometheus Readings: Light-Music in the Former Soviet Union

pp. 351-352


On The Genesis of Symbiosis of Film and Painting: Producing Computer Images of the Development of an Artwork

pp. 353-354


pp. 354-355

The Vorkapitchulator

p. 355

Winke Winke: A Project on the Transmission of Messages

pp. 355-357


Hand and Mind: What Gestures Reveal About Thought by David McNeill (review)

p. 358

Spiritual Space: The Religious Architecture of Pietro Belluschi by Meredith L. Clausen (review)

pp. 358-359

Global Networks ed. by Linda Marie Harasim (review)

pp. 359-360

To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite by Eli Maor (review)

pp. 360-361

Les Cheveux de la Réalité by Jacques Mandelbrojt (review)

p. 361

Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation by Anita Flynn and Joseph Jones (review)

pp. 361-362

The Digital Word: Text-Based Computing in the Humanities ed. by George P. Landow and Paul Delany (review)

pp. 362-363

Blam! prod. by Necro-Amalgamated (review)

p. 363

Woggles from Oz: Writing Interactive Fiction (review)

pp. 363-364

Unispace by Living Visions Ensemble (review)

p. 364

Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology ed. by Chuck Welch (review)

pp. 364-365

Materials Received

pp. 365-366

Color Plates