restricted access   Volume 27, Number 3, June 1994

Table of Contents

Art and Science Similarities, Differences and Interactions

Jacques Mandelbrojt, Giorgio Careri and L. Alcopley

Color Plates


Art and Science: Similarities, Differences and Interactions

pp. 179-180

Creative Processes

Discovering by Perceiving in Art and in Science

pp. 181-182

Art, Science and Human Being

pp. 183-184

In Search of the Specificity of Art

pp. 185-187

Art and Neuroscience

pp. 189-201

Equivocal Links between Art and Science: When Strictness Sleeps, Words Engender Epistemological Monsters

pp. 203-205

From Art and Science to Perception: The Role of Aesthetics

pp. 207-209

Scientists Look at Art

Brief Encounters: A Physicist Meets Contemporary Art

pp. 211-217

Art, Therefore Entropy

pp. 219-221

The Use of Artistic Analogies in Chemical Research and Education

pp. 223-226


The Role of Scientific Concepts in Art

pp. 227-230

An Artist’s Atom

pp. 231-236

Art and Visual Mathematics

pp. 237-240

The Fractal Cube and the Paradigm Shift in Art and Science

pp. 241-248

Art and Science: A Personal Perspective

pp. 249-252

Music, Visual Arts and Mathematical Concepts

pp. 253-255

Sculpting Sounds with Computers: Music, Science, Technology

pp. 257-261