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Table of Contents

Editors' Note

pp. v-vii


Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and "Thank You for the Light"

pp. 1-9

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the New Yorker, 1925-1941

pp. 10-31

Dick Humbird and the Devil Wagon of Doom: Cars, Carnivores, and Feminine Carnality in This Side of Paradise

pp. 32-53

Exile and the City: F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Lost Decade"

pp. 54-79

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, and the Watch for Spots of Time

pp. 80-98

"Like a star balanced with another star": Lawrentian Relationships in Tender Is the Night

pp. 99-115

A Problem of Precipitation: Finding Gatsby in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

pp. 116-136

The Challenges of Retranslating The Great Gatsby into Hungarian: With a Focus on Metaphors of Emotion and Embodiment

pp. 137-156

Book Reviews

Editing Fitzgerald: James L. W. West III's Accomplishment

pp. 157-165

A Writer and/in His Era

pp. 165-170

From Both Sides Now: Fiction, Fairness, and Zelda Fitzgerald

pp. 171-173

Was Daisy an Astor?

pp. 173-177

Further Adventures of Unreliable Narrators

pp. 177-182

Proof of Hard Striving

pp. 182-196

Current Bibliography

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pp. 203-205