restricted access   Volume 156, Fall 2013

Table of Contents


The Urgency of Archives

pp. 5-6

Finding Urjo Kareda in the Archive

pp. 7-11

Narrative Threads: Juliet’s Costumes and Their Contexts

pp. 12-17

Re-Thinking My Assumptions: Archival Research and the Writing of Our Kind of Work

pp. 18-23

The Archive on Display: Issues of Curating Performance Remains

pp. 24-29

Dance Archives in an Online Environment: The Impact of Digital Media on the Preservation of Dance History

pp. 30-34

Evidence of Artistic Process in Performing Arts Records

pp. 35-39

Is There an Archivist in the Sim?: Literacy as Agency in a Postpositivist, Mixed Media Virtual Theatre Archive

pp. 40-45

Archival Collaborations: Using Theatre Archives to Teach Canadian Theatre History and Archival Literacy

pp. 46-51

To Carry the Archive with Us: The Multi-Burdened Crawls of William Pope.L and Didier Morelli

pp. 52-57

The Theatre and the Archives: TCDS Presents

pp. 58-63

When a Script is Not a Script

pp. 64-65


Distract parcels in combined sums: The Stratford Festival Archives’ Stage-Managerial Collections

pp. 66-71

Views and Reviews


p. 72

This Is Real

pp. 73-74

Filling the Gap

pp. 75-76

Post-WWII Theatre Recognized Or Yes Virginia, there was theatre in Canada before 1967

pp. 77-79

The Tragically Hip

pp. 80-81

Black Theatre Canada and Native Earth Performing Arts: A Slideshow