restricted access   Volume 8, Issue 1/2, 2013

Table of Contents

Lead Essays

Finding the Word for Entrepreneur in Luganda

pp. 5-10

Youth Opportunity: Rethinking the Next Generation

pp. 11-17

"Go to college, young men and women, go to college!"

pp. 19-25

Innovating to Strengthen Youth Employment

pp. 27-33

University Entrepreneurship May Be Failing Its Market Test

pp. 35-39

Case Narratives

Frustration, Fearlessness, and Fortune: How Youth-Led Startups Are Redefining Entrepreneurship

pp. 41-45

The "Poverty Stoplight" Approach to Eliminating Multidimensional Poverty: Business, Civil Society, and Government Working Together in Paraguay

pp. 47-67

Reducing Poverty by Employing Young Women: Hathay Bunano’s Scalable Model for Rural Production in Bangladesh

pp. 69-88

Cracking the Glass Ceiling and Raising the Roof

pp. 89-99

Going Against the Flow in Higher Education: Deliberately Including those Previously Excluded

pp. 101-116

Toward a World of Opportunity

pp. 117-140


TEN Youth: Unlocking Enterprise Growth by Focusing on the Fortune at the Bottom of the Talent Pyramid

pp. 141-157

Financial Education and Financial Access: Lessons Learned from Child Development Account Research

pp. 159-175

Perspectives on Policy

Sourcing Change: Digital Work Building Bridges to Professional Life

pp. 177-187

YouthSpark and the Evolution of a Corporate Philanthropy Program

pp. 189-201

It’s All About the Jobs

pp. 203-217

Who Teaches Us Most About Financial Programing in Africa?

pp. 219-231

Hope or Hype?: Five Obstacles to Mobile Money Innovations for Youth Financial Services

pp. 233-246

Future Forward: Innovations for Youth Employment in Africa

pp. 247-257

Young People, Agriculture, and Transformation in Rural Africa: An “Opportunity Space” Approach

pp. 259-269

Offering Digital Financial Services to Promote Financial Inclusion: Lessons We’ve Learned

pp. 271-282