restricted access   Volume 45, Number 2, August 2013

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Twisted Legacies: Politics of Authorship

pp. 1-2


Inevitable Designs: Embodied Ideology in Anna Sokolow’s Proletarian Dances

pp. 4-24

Civil Rights Strategies in the United States: Franziska Boas’s Activist Use of Dance, 1933–1965

pp. 25-62

Martha Graham’s Gilded Cage: Blood Memory—An Autobiography (1991)

pp. 63-84

Inheriting the Avant-Garde: Merce Cunningham, Marcel Duchamp, and the “Legacy Plan”

pp. 85-122

Review Articles

Shifting: Worker Culture and Life Reform in the Madzsar School

pp. 124-131

Screendance: Inscribing the Ephemeral Image by Douglas Rosenberg, and: Dancefilm: Choreography and the Moving Image by Brannigan Erin

pp. 132-138

Book Reviews

Sweating Saris: Indian Dance as Transnational Labor by Priya Srinivasan, and: Unfinished Gestures: Devadasis, Memory, and Modernity in South Asia by Davesh Soneji

pp. 140-142

The Philosophical Aesthetics of Dance: Identity, Performance, and Understanding by Graham McFee (review)

pp. 142-145

Urban Bush Women: Twenty Years of African American Dance Theater, Community Engagement, and Working It Out by Nadine George-Graves (review)

pp. 145-148

Society Dancing: Fashionable Bodies in England, 1870–1920 by Theresa Jill Buckland (review)

pp. 148-150

The Language of Classical Ballet by Flavia Pappacena (review)

pp. 151-152

Caribbean and Atlantic Diaspora Dance: Igniting Citizenship by Yvonne Daniel (review)

pp. 152-156

Books Received

pp. 157-158