restricted access   Number 96, October 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Wealth, Power, and Contemporary Indonesian Politics

Michele Ford and Thomas B. Pepinsky, editors

Special Section: Wealth, Power, and Contemporary Indonesian Politics

Beyond Oligarchy?: Critical Exchanges on Political Power and Material Inequality in Indonesia

pp. 1-9

Oligarchy and Democracy in Indonesia

pp. 11-33

The Political Economy of Oligarchy and the Reorganization of Power in Indonesia

pp. 35-57

Improving the Quality of Democracy in Indonesia: Toward a Theory of Action

pp. 59-80

Pluralism and Political Conflict in Indonesia

pp. 81-100

Popular Agency and Interests in Indonesia’s Democratic Transition and Consolidation

pp. 101-121


The Parman Economy: Post-Authoritarian Shifts in the Off-Budget Economy of Indonesia’s Security Institutions

pp. 123-150

Unnamed Interests and Informal Leaders: A Street Vendor Relocation in Yogyakarta City

pp. 151-185

Review Essay

Islamization and the Changing Ethical Imagination in Java

pp. 187-202


Knowing Indonesia: Intersections of Self, Discipline, and Nation ed. by Jemma Purdy (review)

pp. 203-207

Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia ed. by Andrew N. Weintraub (review)

pp. 209-212

Musical Journey in Sumatra by Margaret Kartomi (review)

pp. 213-218


pp. 219-220