restricted access   Volume 55, Number 4, October/Octobre 2013

Table of Contents


A Festschrift in Honour of Anthony N. Doob

pp. 457-459

Numéro spécial en l’honneur de Anthony N. Doob

pp. 461-463

“Nothing” Works: Sentencing “Reform” in Canada and the United States

pp. 465-479

Some Thoughts on Multiple Sentences and the Totality Principle: Can We Get It Right?

pp. 481-494

Sentencing Neurocognitively Impaired Offenders in Canada

pp. 495-512

Why Re-open the Debate on the Preliminary Inquiry? Some Preliminary Empirical Observations

pp. 513-531

Canadian Jury Research: The Contributions of Anthony N. Doob

pp. 533-548

Three Decades of Public Attitudes Research on Crime and Punishment in Canada

pp. 549-562

The Importance of Institutional Culture to the Adjustment of Incarcerated Youth and Young Adults

pp. 563-575

“Highlights” of a Criminological Career: Anthony Doob and the State of Evaluation Research in Canada

pp. 577-593

Book Reviews / Recensions de livres (October/octobre 2013)

p. 595

Books Received / Livres reçus October/octobre 2013

p. 596

Index to volume 55 / Index du volume 55

pp. 597-602

Coming Events / Prochains événements

p. 603

Manuscript Readers for 2012 / Lecteurs et Lectrices de manuscrits pour 2012

pp. 604-607