restricted access   Volume 53, 2012

Table of Contents


pp. vii-ix

Language, Style, and Form

Universis Christi Ecclesiis: Milton's Epistle for De doctrina Christiana

pp. 3-15

The Experimental Form of Lycidas

pp. 17-37

Gender, Law, and Liberty in the Garden

Domestic Adam

pp. 41-67

Milton's Natural Law: Divorce and Individual Property

pp. 69-99

Miltonic Proportions: Divine Distribution and the Nature of the Lot in Paradise Lost

pp. 101-123

Hermeneutics and Interpretation

Pilgrimage in Paradise Lost

pp. 127-146

Fighting for Saint Michael: The Typology of Defeat in Milton's Celestial and Sublunary Civil Wars

pp. 147-179

From Judgment to Interpretation: Eighteenth Century Critics of Milton's Paradise Lost

pp. 181-208

Legacy, Choice, and the Human Condition

Milton as Muse for Keats, Shelley, and Frost

pp. 205-234

Is There Freedom Afterwards?: A Dialogue between Paradise Lost and DeLillo's Falling Man

pp. 235-255


pp. 313-318