restricted access   Volume 24, Number 2, 2013

Table of Contents


George Lippard’s Fragile Utopian Future and 1840s American Economic Turmoil

pp. 166-183

Beyond Triton: Samuel R. Delany’s Critical Utopianism and the Colliding Worlds in “We, in Some Strange Power’s Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line”

pp. 184-215

The Critical Manifesto: Marx and Engels, Haraway, and Utopian Politics

pp. 216-231

Hippies and the Mystic Way: Dropping Out, Unitive Experiences, and Communal Utopianism

pp. 232-263

The Green Anarchist Utopia of Robert Nichols’s Daily Lives in Nghsi-Altai

pp. 264-282

Utopian Experimentation and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

pp. 283-311

Calvin Blanchard and The Art of Real Pleasure

pp. 312-328

Nancy Prince’s Utopias: Reimagining the African American Utopian Tradition

pp. 329-348


The Light Club of Vizcaya: A Women’s Picture by Josiah McElheny (review)

pp. 350-354

Maps of Utopia: H. G. Wells, Modernity, and the End of Culture by Simon J. James (review)

pp. 355-358

Rousseau et l’utopie: De l’Etat insulaire aux cosmotopies by Antoine Hatzenberger (review)

pp. 359-362

The Encyclopedic Guide to American Intentional Communities by Timothy Miller (review)

pp. 363-366

A Rosicrucian Utopia in Eighteenth-Century Russia. The Masonic Circle of N. I. Novikov by Raffaella Faggionato (review)

pp. 367-370

Petrified Utopia. Happiness Soviet Style ed. by Marina Balina, Evgeny Dobrenko (review)

pp. 371-374


pp. 375-376