restricted access   Volume 89, Number 4, November 2013

Table of Contents


Forgetting the Flood?: An Analysis of the Flood Risk Discount over Time

pp. 577-596

Coastal Building Codes and Hurricane Damage

pp. 597-613

The Effect of the BP Oil Spill on Volume and Selling Prices of Oceanfront Condominiums

pp. 614-631

Identifying Drivers of Land Use Change in China: A Spatial Multinomial Logit Model Analysis

pp. 632-654

Supplementing REDD+ with Biodiversity Payments: The Paradox of Paying for Multiple Ecosystem Services

pp. 655-675

Alleviating Deforestation Pressures?: Impacts of Improved Stove Dissemination on Charcoal Consumption in Urban Senegal

pp. 676-698

Social and Ecological Determinants of Land Clearing in the Brazilian Amazon: A Spatial Analysis

pp. 699-721

Additionality and the Adoption of Farm Conservation Practices

pp. 722-742

How Can African Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change?: A Counterfactual Analysis from Ethiopia

pp. 743-766

Making or Buying Environmental Public Goods: Do Consumers Care?

pp. 767-781


pp. 782-787

List of Reviewers

p. 788