restricted access   Volume 22, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Human Rights between Past and Future

Guest Editor: Zachary Manfredi


Recent Histories and Uncertain Futures: Contemporary Critiques of International Human Rights and Humanitarianism

pp. 3-32

The Predicament of Humanitarianism

pp. 33-48

Political Ends, Historical Overtures: A Discussion of Samuel Moyn’s The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History

Human Rights Regimes and The Last Utopia

pp. 49-53

Human Rights and the Material Making of Humanity: A Response to Samuel Moyn’s The Last Utopia

pp. 55-61

Whose Utopia?: Human Rights, Development, and the Third World

pp. 63-80

Moving beyond False Binarisms: On Samuel Moyn’s The Last Utopia

pp. 81-93

The Continuing Perplexities of Human Rights

pp. 95-115

International Law, Human Rights, and Politics

pp. 117-137

Coercive Cosmopolitanism and Impossible Solidarities

pp. 139-166

“From Figure to Ground”: A Conversation with Eyal Weizman on the Politics of The Humanitarian Present

pp. 167-192

Review Essays

Animating Space: Tracing the Construction of the Political in Ariella Azoulay’s Civil Imagination

pp. 193-202

A Just Grammar: Unspeakable Speech in Robert Meister

pp. 203-222

For the Love of Democracy: On the Politics of Jacques Rancière’s History of Literature

pp. 223-234

A Figure in Law and the Archive: Samera Esmeir and the Making of Juridical Humanity

pp. 235-247


pp. 249-252

Books Received

pp. 253-254