restricted access   Volume 16, Number 3, Fall 2013

Table of Contents


Managing Women's Equality: Theodore Roosevelt, the Frontier Myth, and the Modern Woman

pp. 423-456

The Rhetoric of Civil Rights Photographs: James Meredith's March Against Fear

pp. 457-487

Fundamentalist Fool or Populist Paragon?: William Jennings Bryan and the Campaign Against Evolutionary Theory

pp. 489-520

"Operation Sunshine": The Rhetoric of a Cold War Technological Spectacle

pp. 521-542

Remembering James Arnt Aune, 1953-2013

James Arnt Aune: A Historical Remembrance

pp. 543-554

No Safe Space: James Arnt Aune and the Controversial Classroom

pp. 555-565

Between Structure and Struggle: The Intellectual Legacy of James Arnt Aune

pp. 567-575

Review Essay

Judging George: George W. Bush and the Fracturing of the Republican Party

pp. 577-589

Book Reviews

Prisoners of Conscience: Moral Vernaculars of Political Agency by Gerard A. Hauser (review)

pp. 591-594

The Cultural Economy of Falun Gong in China: A Rhetorical Perspective by Xiao Ming (review)

pp. 594-597

We Are the Union: Democratic Unionism and Dissent at Boeing by Dana L. Cloud (review)

pp. 597-600

Compelling Confessions: The Politics of Personal Disclosure ed. by Suzanne Diamond (review)

pp. 600-603

No Citizen Left Behind by Meira Levinson (review)

pp. 603-607

Commonwealth by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri (review)

pp. 607-610

Reading Embodied Citizenship: Disability, Narrative, and the Body Politic by Emily Russell (review)

pp. 610-613

Reclaiming the Rural: Essays on Literacy, Rhetoric, and Pedagogy ed. by Kim Donehower, Charlotte Hogg, and Eileen E. Schell (review)

pp. 613-617

A Presidency Upstaged: The Public Leadership of George H. W. Bush by Lori Cox Han (review)

pp. 617-620