restricted access   Volume 40, 2013

Table of Contents

In Search of Africans’ Histories - Editors’ Introduction

pp. 1-3

Critical Historiography

Is “Portuguese-speaking” Africa Comparable to “Latin” America? Voyaging in the Midst of Colonialities of Power

pp. 5-44

The Wiriyamu Massacre of 1972: Its Context, Genesis, and Revelation

pp. 45-75

A European and African Joint-Venture: Writing a Seamless History of Borno (1902–1960)

pp. 77-98

The Indian Voice: Connecting Self-Representation and Identity Formulation in Diaspora

pp. 99-124

Colonial Politics and Precolonial History: Everyday Knowledge, Genre, and Truth in a Yoruba Town

pp. 125-164

Reports on Slavery Research

Using African Names to Identify the Origins of Captives in the Transatlantic Slave Trade: Crowd-Sourcing and the Registers of Liberated Africans, 1808–1862

pp. 165-191

An Index to the Slavery and Slave Trade Enquiry: The British Parliamentary House of Commons Sessional Papers, 1788–1792

pp. 193-255

Moving Meanings in Museal Collections

The Dilemmas of Digital Patrimonialization: The Digital Museum of African and Afro-Brazilian Memory

pp. 257-273

Notes sur le Culte des Orisa et Vodun: Pierre Fatumbi Verger and the Study of “African Traditional Religion”

pp. 275-294

The Legacy of Pierre Fatumbi Verger in the Whydah Historical Museum (Benin): Development of an Ambivalent Concept of Hybridity

pp. 295-312

Alaafin Sango, “Oba kò so”: A Historiographical Note with Psychological Perspectives Focusing on Suicide

pp. 313-316

Documenting Colonial Management

Colonial Ambition, Common Sense Thinking, and the Making of Takoradi Harbor, Gold Coast

pp. 317-352

Researching Housing, Water, and Sanitation in the British and Tanzania National Archives

pp. 353-364