restricted access   Volume 34, Number 4, October–December 2012

Table of Contents

From the Editor's Desk

pp. 2-3

RDBMS: The Fromative Years

Relational Database Management Systems: The Formative Years

pp. 7-8

The Relational Database and the Concept of the Information System

pp. 9-17

The RDBMS Industry: A Northern California Perspective

pp. 18-29

The Relational Model: Beginning of an Era

pp. 30-37

IBM Relational Database Systems: The Early Years

pp. 38-48

Compiling SQL into System/370 Machine Language

pp. 49-50

The Oracle Story, Part 1: 1977-1986

pp. 51-57

History of the Ingres Corporation

pp. 58-70


Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott (review)

p. 4

La France en réseaux. Tome I: La rencontre des tlécommunications et de l'informatique (1960-1980) [The Networked France, Volume I: The Meeting of Telecommunications and Computing] by Valérie Schafer (review)

pp. 5-6

Local Area Networks

Stockholm, Sweden

p. 71


Peter J. Denning

pp. 72-77


Early History of SQL

pp. 78-82

Events and Sightings

Obituary of Lawrence A. Welke

p. 83

Technology Heritage Activities in Japan

pp. 83-85

Think Piece

Collecting the History of the Software Industry

pp. 88-87