restricted access   Volume 21, Number 3, Fall 2013

Table of Contents


Guest Editor: Jeremy Schott


Introduction: Origenist Textualities

pp. 323-327

Plotinus’s Portrait and Pamphilus’s Prison Notebook: Neoplatonic and Early Christian Textualities at the Turn of the Fourth Century C.E.

pp. 329-362

Literacy and Memory in Evagrius’s Monasticism

pp. 363-390

Short Words on Earth: Theological Geography in Rufinus’s Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed

pp. 391-412

Straight Reading: Shame and the Normal in Epiphanius’s Polemic against Origen

pp. 413-435

Epiphanius of Salamis and the Antiquarian’s Bible

pp. 437-464

Book reviews

The Spiritual Senses: Perceiving God in Western Christianity by Paul L. Gavrilyuk and Sarah Coakley editors (review)

pp. 465-466

Ancient Christian Martyrdom: Diverse Practices, Theologies, and Traditions by Candida R. Moss (review)

pp. 466-468

Origen and Scripture: The Contours of the Exegetical Life by Peter W. Martens (review)

pp. 468-470

Become Like the Angels: Origen’s Doctrine of the Soul by Benjamin P. Blosser (review)

pp. 470-471

A Model for the Christian Life: Hilary of Poitiers’s Commentary on the Psalms by Paul C. Burns (review)

pp. 472-473

Re-Reading Gregory of Nazianzus: Essays on History, Theology, and Culture by Christopher A. Beeley (review)

pp. 473-475

The Life of the Virgin by Stephen J. Shoemaker (review)

pp. 475-476

Books Received

pp. 477-478