restricted access   Volume 134, Number 3 (Whole Number 535), Fall 2013

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The Gildersleeve Prize for the Best Article Published in the American Journal of Philology in 2012 has been Presented to Rachel Ahern Knudsen, University of Oklahoma

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Thucydides, Apollo, the Plague, and the War

pp. 355-382

Rationality, Eros, and Daemonic Influence in the Platonic Theages and the Academy of Polemo and Crates

pp. 383-424

A Contract on Ameria: Law and Legality in Cicero’s Pro Roscio Amerino

pp. 425-444

Ovid and the Catasterismi of Eratosthenes

pp. 445-480

Rivers and Rivalry in Petronius, Horace, Callimachus, and Aristophanes

pp. 481-506

Book Reviews

Sacred and Public Land in Ancient Athens by Nikolaos Papazarkadas (review)

pp. 507-510

Religion in Republican Rome: Rationalization and Ritual Change by Jörg Rüpke (review)

pp. 510-514

Rome: An Empire’s Story by Greg Woolf (review)

pp. 514-517

The Sublime: From Antiquity to the Present ed. by Timothy M. Costelloe (review)

pp. 517-521

Books Received

pp. 523-527