restricted access   Volume 65, Number 3, September 2013

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

pp. v-vii

Introduction: A Dialogue

pp. 461-479



pp. 481-485


History and Empire

Animal Humanism: Race, Species, and Affective Kinship in Nineteenth-Century Abolitionism

pp. 487-514

Welfarist and Imperial: The Contributions of Anticruelty Laws to Civilizational Discourse

pp. 515-548

Cockfight Nationalism: Blood Sport and the Moral Politics of American Empire and Nation Building

pp. 549-574

Materia Medica: Technology, Vaccination, and Antivivisection in Jazz Age Philadelphia

pp. 575-594

Toward a Feminist Postcolonial Milk Studies

pp. 595-618


Chimpanzee Sanctuary: “Surplus” Life and the Politics of Transspecies Care

pp. 619-637

Animal Instincts: Race, Criminality, and the Reversal of the “Human”

pp. 639-659

“Of Course There Are Werewolves and Vampires”: True Blood and the Right to Rights for Other Species

pp. 661-687


“Becoming in Kind”: Race, Class, Gender, and Nation in Cultures of Dog Rescue and Dogfighting

pp. 689-709

Orthodox Transgressions: The Ideology of Cross-Species, Cross-Class, and Interracial Queerness in Lucía Puenzo’s Novel El niño pez (The Fish Child)

pp. 711-733

They Were Girls: Animality and Poetic Voice in Bhanu Kapil’s Humanimal

pp. 735-755

Afterword: Moving Ahead

Vegans, Freaks, and Animals: Toward a New Table Fellowship

pp. 757-764


pp. 765-769