restricted access   Volume 36, Number 1, Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Baleful Postcoloniality

Guest Editors: Salah D. Hassan & David Álvarez

Editors' Introductions

Baleful Postcoloniality and Auto/Biography

pp. 1-9

Representing Baleful Specters and Uncanny Repetitions: Life Writing and Imperialism’s Afterlives

pp. 10-26


Passing Away: Despair, Eulogies, and Millennial Palestine

pp. 27-50

“Baleful Postcoloniality” and Palestinian Women’s Life Writing

pp. 51-70

Silenced Histories and Sanitized Autobiographies: The 1953 CIA Coup in Iran

pp. 71-96

Thugs and Bandits: Life and Law in Colonial and Epicolonial India

pp. 97-123

Go Back to Where You Came From: Stunt Documentary, Conversion Narrative, and the Limits of Testimony on Australian Television

pp. 124-147

Recording Daily Life in the Margins of History and of the Nation: Rachid Nini’s Diary of a Clandestine Migrant

pp. 148-178

From Counter to Hegemonic: Re-Mapping Ideology in Latina/o Life Writing from the War on Terror

pp. 179-210

Concealing God: How Argentine Women Political Prisoners Performed a Collective Identity

pp. 211-241

Manaakitanga in Motion: Indigenous Choreographies of Possibility

pp. 242-278

Reviewed Elsewhere

pp. 279-335


pp. 336-338