restricted access   Volume 33, 2013

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On Irish Destitution

pp. 4-16

The Time of Major Barbara

pp. 17-24

Shaw and Bertrand Russell versus Gilbert Murray on Britain’s Entry into World War I: The Inside Story

pp. 25-54

The Fabian Mystique: GBS and ASB

pp. 55-78

Authorship and Shaw’s Shakes Versus Shav

pp. 79-94

Well, I’m Dashed! Jitta, Pygmalion, and Shaw’s Revenge

pp. 95-121

Taking Sides and Affixing Blame: Polish Stage Productions of Shaw’s Mrs Warren’s Profession, 1907–1952

pp. 122-134

A Country Bumpkin in Cosmopolitan Shanghai: John Woo’s My Fair Gentleman and the Evolution of Pygmalion in Contemporary China

pp. 135-152

Shaw in “Sallust’s House

pp. 153-159

Shavian Elements in the My Fair Lady Film

pp. 160-175

Shaw by the Numbers

pp. 176-202

Carolina Gold: Discoveries in the Archibald Henderson Scrapbooks at the University of North Carolina

pp. 203-210


Bringing About Change: New Contexts for Mrs Warren’s Profession

pp. 211-214

Morse Code

pp. 214-217

Shaw and the Sacred Cows: A New Look at the Plays

pp. 217-220

Abiding Love: Shaw and Russia

pp. 220-223

Shaw and the “isms

pp. 224-227


In Memoriam: Sidney P. Albert

pp. 228-229

In Memoriam: Isidor Saslav

pp. 229-230

A Continuing Checklist of Shaviana

A Continuing Checklist of Shaviana

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