restricted access   Volume 19, Number 4, 2013

Table of Contents

The Athletic Issue

edited by Jennifer Doyle

Introduction: Dirt off Her Shoulders

pp. 419-433

Court and Sparkle: Kye Allums, Johnny Weir, and Raced Problems in Gender Authenticity

pp. 435-463

Queer Exercises: Amber Hawk Swanson’s Performances of Self-Realization

pp. 465-485

“The Horse in My Flesh”: Transpecies Performance and Affective Athleticism

pp. 487-514

No Taste for Rough-and-Tumble Play: Sport Discourses, the DSM, and the Regulation of Effeminacy

pp. 515-543

The Future Is Queer Stuff: Critical Utopianism and Its Discontents

pp. 545-558

Moving Image Review

Queer Media Manifestos

pp. 559-561

Books in Brief

Introductory Rant in Performance of Assisted Living: Do You Have Any Money? (2013)

p. 562

It’s Called Dominant Culture for a Reason

p. 563

Toward a Methexic Queer Media

p. 564

For Heat and Light and Outrageousness

p. 565

Internationalist Answers to a Rented World!

pp. 565-566

Occupy the Dream

p. 567

Stomp for the Shadows

p. 567

Tranifest: Queer Futures

pp. 568-569

This is Normal

p. 569

Archival Praxis

p. 570

T Time a Queer Media Manifesto

p. 571

Beyond Domestication

pp. 571-572

Radical Schlock

pp. 572-573


pp. 573-574

Deconstructing Filipino Studies: Queer Reading Beyond Us Exceptionalism

pp. 575-577

The Color of Eros

pp. 578-580

How Sexual Minority Rights Activism Got Its Groove in Southern Africa

pp. 581-583

Being Gay

pp. 584-586

Deliberate Breaks: Evoking Trans Imagination for Just Futures Now

pp. 587-589

About the Contributors

pp. 591-596

Index to Volume 19

pp. 597-601