restricted access   PAJ 75 (Volume 25, Number 3), September 2003

Table of Contents

From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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The Globe of War

pp. 1-3

Art, Media, Global Politics

Art and Crisis: Homeland Security and the Noble Savage

pp. 6-19

Art on the Eve of Destruction

pp. 20-25

A New Europe

pp. 26-41

Strindberg and the Visual Arts

pp. 42-50

Time and Place Do Exist: Strindberg and Visual Media

pp. 51-63

Barbara Pollack Photographs: The Subject Reflects: Robert Marshall interviews Max Berger

pp. 64-74

Second Skin: The Theatrical Passion of Tanja Jacobs

pp. 75-84

Art & Performance Notes

Behind the Scenes: Gregor Schneider's Totes Haus ur

pp. 86-90

Impersonations: Morimura, Colette, and Dellsperger in Costume

pp. 91-94

A Repainted General: George Baselitz Filtering the Past

pp. 95-99

Movin' Out and Movin' On: Twyla Tharp and Billy Joel on Broadway

pp. 100-104

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now: Performance in Los Angeles

pp. 105-113

Books & Company

Choreographies of Language: Assessing Ann Daly

pp. 114-117

The Greek World Revisited: Carl R. Mueller Translates Aeschylus

pp. 118-126

Agamemnon : Two Excerpts

pp. 127-131

Miroslav Krleza: A Croatian Writer Against War

pp. 132-134

Finale: An Essay in Fifty Centuries of Synthesis

pp. 135-140