Volume 7, Issue 3, Fall 2013

Table of Contents

Maximizing Community Contributions


  Amplifying the Community Voice in Community–Academic Partnerships: A Summary of and Commentary on a Thematic Issue

pp. 231-233

Work-In-Progress and Lessons Learned

  “I Know What CBPR Is, Now What Do I Do?”: Community Perspectives on CBPR Capacity Building

pp. 235-241

  Beyond the Manuscript: Podcast Interview Transcript

pp. 243-253

  Creating a Community–Physical Therapy Partnership to Increase Physical Activity in Urban African-American Adults

pp. 255-262

  Beyond Incentives for Involvement to Compensation for Consultants: Increasing Equity in CBPR Approaches

pp. 263-270

  The Developmental Stages of a Community–University Partnership: The Experience of Padres Informados/Jovenes Preparados

pp. 271-279

  Rural Community–Academic Partnership Model for Community Engagement and Partnered Research

pp. 281-290

  Community Capacity Building: A Collaborative Approach to Designing a Training and Education Model

pp. 291-299

  External Community Review Committee: A New Strategy for Engaging Community Stakeholders in Research Funding Decisions

pp. 301-312

Community Perspective

  Rural Oregon Community Perspectives: Introducing Community-Based Participatory Research into a Community Health Coalition

pp. 313-322

  Time, Dual Roles, and Departments of Public Health: Lessons Learned in CBPR by an AIDS Service Organization

pp. 323-330

Theory Methods

  Using the Delphi and Snow Card Techniques to Build Consensus Among Diverse Community and Academic Stakeholders

pp. 331-339

Practical Tools

  The Development of the Bronx Community Research Review Board: A Pilot Feasibility Project for a Model of Community Consultation

pp. 341-352


  Ethical Engagement of Communities, Institutions, and Providers in Research: Lessons From the Community

pp. 353-355