restricted access   Volume 39, Supplement/numéro spécial, August/août 2013

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Special Supplement on Environmental Policy in Canada

Special Supplement on Environmental Policy in Canada


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Policy Commentary/Commentaire

BC’s Carbon Tax Shift Is Working Well after Four Years (Attention Ottawa)

pp. S1-S10


Economic Instruments, Innovation, and Efficient Water Use

pp. S11-S22

Reverse Auctions for Agri-Environmental Improvements: Bid-Selection Rules and Pricing for Beneficial Management Practice Adoption

pp. S23-S36

A Tale of Two Climate Policies: Political Economy of British Columbia’s Carbon Tax and Clean Electricity Standard

pp. S37-S51

GHG Mitigation Policies and Employment: A CGE Analysis with Wage Rigidity and Application to Canada

pp. S53-S65

The Use of a Social Cost of Carbon in Canadian Cost-Benefit Analysis

pp. S67-S79

Market-Based Policies for Green Motoring in Canada

pp. S81-S94

Federalism and Climate Policy Innovation: A Critical Reassessment

pp. S95-S108

Carbon Pricing Options for Canada

pp. S109-S124

Are There Realistic Possibilities for a Higher “Batting” Average?: On Improving Residential Energy Efficiency in Canada

pp. S125-S141

Mixed Signals: NGO Campaigns and Non-state Market Driven (NSMD) Governance in an Export-Oriented Country

pp. S143-S156

Environmental Management Practices and Performance in Canada

pp. S157-S175