restricted access   Volume 27, Number 2, Fall 2013

Table of Contents

The 1941 Galician Deportation and the Kamenets-Podolsk Massacre: A Prologue to the Hungarian Holocaust

pp. 207-241

"Euthanasia," Human Experiments, and Psychiatry in Nazi-Occupied Lithuania, 1941-1944

pp. 242-275

The Genesis of Vichy's Jewish Statute of October 1940

pp. 276-298

Research Note

Death Sentence Despite the Law: A Secret 1962 Crimes-against-Humanity Trial in Kiev

pp. 299-312

Review Essay

Recent Developments in the Study of the Armenian Genocide

pp. 313-321

Book Reviews

Complicity in the Holocaust: Churches and Universities in Nazi Germany by Robert P. Ericksen (review)

pp. 322-324

A Cross Too Heavy: Pope Pius XII and the Jews of Europe by Paul O'Shea (review)

pp. 324-326

The Other Jewish Question: Identifying the Jew and Making Sense of Modernity by Jay Geller (review)

pp. 324-326

Demonizing the Jews: Luther and the Protestant Church in Nazi Germany by Christopher J. Probst (review)

pp. 329-331

"Pouring Jewish Water into Fascist Wine": Untold Stories of (Catholic) Jews from the Archive of Mussolini's Jesuit Pietro Tacchi Venturi by Robert Aleksander Maryks (review)

pp. 331-334

Survivors: Jewish Self-Help and Rescue in Nazi-Occupied Western Europe by Bob Moore (review)

pp. 334-336

Carl Goerdeler and the Jewish Question, 1933-1942 by Peter Hoffmann (review)

pp. 336-338

Heinrich Himmler by Peter Longerich (review)

pp. 338-341

Building after Auschwitz: Jewish Architecture and the Memory of the Holocaust by Gavriel D. Rosenfeld (review)

pp. 342-344

Nazis After Hitler: How Perpetrators of the Holocaust Cheated Justice and Truth by Donald M. McKale (review)

pp. 344-346

German Colonialism: Race, The Holocaust, and Postwar Germany ed. by Volker Langbehn and Mohammad Salama (review)

pp. 346-348

Russian Jews Between the Reds and the Whites, 1917-1920 by Oleg Budnitskii (review)

pp. 349-351

Recently Published Works in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

pp. 352-383


p. 384


p. 385