restricted access   Volume 57, 2011

Table of Contents

Poetic Thinking

Co-edited by Eyal Peretz and Chaouli


The Drama of Thinking: By Way of an Introduction

pp. 1-8

Wozu Dichter

pp. 9-14

Wasen: On Celan’s “Todtnauberg”

pp. 15-54

A Surfeit in Thinking: Kant’s Aesthetic Ideas

pp. 55-77

What Thinking Feels Like

pp. 78-102

The Appearance of the Ideal of Philosophical Questioning in the Work of Art

pp. 103-116

Rethinking the Image: with some reflections on G. M. Hopkins

pp. 117-147

Developing the Image: Poiesis and the Viewer in the photography of Edward Weston and the Painting of Alexi Worth

pp. 148-166

Poetry in Cinematography

pp. 167-187

The Origins of Wen in The Chinese Tradition: Proceeding from The analogy between The ‘Pattern of Heaven’ and The ‘Pattern of Humans’

pp. 189-212

Doing Time: Shakespeare’s Weasel, Chao-Chou’s Dog, and the Melancholy Lyric

pp. 213-229

Approaching Death: Accident, Citation, And Singularity in Montaigne’s De L’Exercitation

pp. 230-239

Of Sacred Names

pp. 240-251

2008 Horst Frenz Prize essay

The Politics of Appropriation: Writing, Responsibility, and the Specter of the Native Informant

pp. 252-268

2012 Horst Frenz Prize essay

Euro(tro)pology: Philology, World Literature, and the Legacy of Erich Auerbach

pp. 269-290

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 291-295