restricted access   Volume 20, Issue 1, 2013

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

pp. 1-2

Part I: Globalization: Critical Engagements with Territoriality

Visible Formalizations and Formally Invisible Facticities

pp. 3-27

Lochner Disembedded: The Anxieties of Law in a Global Context

pp. 29-69

Part II: Movement and Membership in Theory and Practice

Recruiting "Super Talent": The New World of Selective Migration Regimes

pp. 71-107

In the Breach: Citizenship and its Approximations

pp. 109-140

Part III: State and Nonstate Actors in the Globalization of Law

The Movement of U.S. Criminal and Administrative Law: Processes of Transplanting and Translating

pp. 141-184

The Judicial Reform in China: The Status Quo and Future Directions

pp. 185-220

Legal Education, Globalization, and Institutional Excellence: Challenges for the Rule of Law and Access to Justice in India

pp. 221-252

PartIV: Globalization, Liberty, and the Rule of Law

Judicial Independence: New Challenges in Established Nations

pp. 253-277

Citizenship After the Conservative Movement

pp. 279-312

Part V: Global Contexts of Legal Norms, Consensus, and Dissensus

Popular Discontent, Revolution, and Democratization in Egypt in a Globalizing World

pp. 313-337

Globalization, the Rule of (Administrative) Law, and the Realization of Democratic Governance in Africa: Realities, Challenges, and Prospects

pp. 339-375

Globalization and the Privatization of Welfare Administration in Indiana

pp. 377-424


What Could Be Gained in Translation: Legal Language and Lawyer-Linguists in a Globalized World

pp. 425-447

The Pursuit of "Voluntary" Tax Compliance in a Globalized World

pp. 449-468

Plugging the Democracy Drain in the Struggle for Universal Access to Safe Drinking Water

pp. 469-503

Book Review

Law and Bioethics—Intersections along the Mortal Coil by George P. Smith, II (review)

pp. 505-520