restricted access   Volume 57, Number 3, Fall 2013 (T219)

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Let us refuse the world of those who

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No More Theatre PhDs?

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Scalar Meets TDR

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Social Performance Studies: Discipline vs. Freedom

pp. 9-19

The Fire and the Frying Pan: Censorship and Performance in Egypt

pp. 20-47

African Tongues on the Israeli Stage: A Reversed Diaspora

pp. 48-68

Imaginaries of Exile and Emergence in Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Hip Hop

pp. 69-87

Be About It: Graffiteras Performing Feminist Community

pp. 88-116

Death Dressed As a Dancer: The Grotesque, Violence, and the Argentine Tango

pp. 117-131

The Aesthetics of the Invisible: Sacred Music in Secular (French) Places

pp. 132-147

Hearing the Music of the Hemispheres

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Critical Acts

The Shelf Life of Shock: Alice Tuan’s Ajax (por nobody) in the Flesh

pp. 151-157

Orgasms and Oppositions: Dani Ploeger’s ELECTRODE

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Live Art in LA: Performance in Southern California, 1970–1983 ed. by Peggy Phelan (review)

pp. 164-166

The Drama of Ideas: Platonic Provocations in Theater and Philosophy by Martin Puchner (review)

pp. 167-168

Body of State: The Moro Affair, A Nation Divided by Marco Baliani, and: Trilogy of Resistance by Antonio Negri (review)

pp. 169-172

Kissing the Mask: Beauty, Understatement and Femininity in Japanese Noh Theater with Some Thoughts on Muses (especially Helga Testorf), Transgender Women, Kabuki Goddesses, Porn Queens, Poets, Housewives, Makeup Artists, Geishas, Valkyries and Venus Figurines by William T. Vollmann (review)

pp. 172-174

Readings in Performance and Ecology ed. by Wendy Arons and Theresa J. May (review)

pp. 174-176

Acting Together on the World Stage: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict. Volume I: Resistance and Reconciliation in Regions of Violence ed. by Cynthia E. Cohen, Roberto Gutiérrez Varea, and Polly O. Walker (review)

pp. 177-179

Toward a General Theory of Acting: Cognitive Science and Performance by John Lutterbie (review)

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More Books

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