restricted access   Volume 92, Number 1, September 2013

Table of Contents

Gender and Work

Job Authority and Breast Cancer

pp. 1-24

It’s Who You Work With: Effects of Workplace Shares of Nonstandard Employees and Women in Japan

pp. 25-57

Gender, Bilingualism, and the Early Occupational Careers of Second-Generation Mexicans in the South

pp. 59-80

Sexual Orientation and Gender Typicality of the Occupation in Young Adulthood

pp. 81-108

Stratification and Inequality

Variation in the Heritability of Educational Attainment: An International Meta-Analysis

pp. 109-140

Social Isolation of Disadvantage and Advantage: The Reproduction of Inequality in Urban Space

pp. 141-164


Strong Walk and Cheap Talk: The Effect of the International Covenant of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights on Policies and Practices

pp. 165-194

Religion and Interest in Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

pp. 195-219

Assessing the Significance of Cohort and Period Effects in Hierarchical Age-Period-Cohort Models: Applications to Verbal Test Scores and Voter Turnout in U.S. Presidential Elections

pp. 221-248


Competitive Threat, Intergroup Contact, or Both?: Immigration and the Dynamics of Front National Voting in France

pp. 249-273

The Implications of Family Size for Adolescents’ Education and Work in Brazil: Gender and Birth Order Differences

pp. 275-302

Evicting Children

pp. 303-327

Causal Effects of Parental Leave on Adolescents’ Household Work

pp. 329-351


Embarrassment and Social Organization: A Multiple Identities Model

pp. 353-375

World Citizenship and Concern for Global Warming: Building the Case for a Strong International Civil Society

pp. 377-399

Book Review Essays

Framed by Gender: How Gender Inequality Persists in the Modern World by Cecilia L. Ridgeway (review)

pp. 401-405

Kids Don’t Want to Fail: Oppositional Culture and the Black-White Achievement Gap by Angel L. Harris, and: Integration Interrupted: Tracking, Black Students, and Acting White after Brown by Karolyn Tyson (review)

pp. 407-411