restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, 2009

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Laza K. Lazarević (1851–91)

Svetlana Tomić

Preface to the Special Issue on Laza K. Lazarević

pp. vi-xiii


pp. xv-xvi

I. Original Works

"Prvi put s ocem na jutrenje"

pp. 129-141


pp. 143-144

II. Translations

"The First Matins with My Father"

pp. 147-161

"To Matins with Father for the First Time"

pp. 163-177


pp. 179-180

III. Interpretation: A New Understanding of Laza K. LazareviÊ’s Story “To Matins with Father for the First Time” and One Hundred Years of the Interpretive Norm

To my daughter and to my sons

p. 182

Studies of Laza K. Lazarević's Works during the Twentieth Century and Possibilities for Different Interpretations

pp. 183-216

A Reexamination of Analytical Methodology of "To Matins with Father for the First Time" as Presented in High School and University Textbooks

pp. 217-237

Relations of Power and the Rhetoric of Gender Politics

pp. 239-251

The Question of the Father as a Key Paterfamilias Figure

pp. 253-285

On the English Translation by Dr. Pavle Popović

pp. 287-292

The Epiphany of the Mother and the Son

pp. 293-301

Could Marica Be a Type of "Mannish Woman"?

pp. 303-313

Lazarević's Confession to His Mother: "Do you see your tombstone? I am it, I!"

pp. 315-318