restricted access   Volume 35, Number 2, August 2013

Table of Contents

New Actors in Maritime Security Governance in Southeast Asia


New Actors and the State: Addressing Maritime Security Threats in Southeast Asia

pp. 141-162

Monitoring the Border: Indonesian Port Security and the Role of Private Actors

pp. 163-187

The Role of Tourism in Addressing Illegal Fishing: The Case of a Dive Operator in Indonesia

pp. 188-214

Outsourcing Border Security: NGO Involvement in the Monitoring, Processing and Assistance of Indonesian Nationals Returning Illegally by Sea

pp. 215-234

The International Court of Justice and the Territorial Dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia in the Sulawesi Sea

pp. 235-257

Will New Multilateral Arrangements Help Southeast Asian States Solve Illegal Fishing?

pp. 258-283

Book Reviews

Aid Dependence in Cambodia: How Foreign Assistance Undermines Democracy by Sophal Ear (review)

pp. 284-287

Post-Colonial Statecraft in South East Asia: Sovereignty, State Building and the Chinese in the Philippines by Pak Nung Wong (review)

pp. 288-291

Ending Forced Labour in Myanmar: Engaging a Pariah Regime by Richard Horsey (review)

pp. 292-294

Japan’s Relations with Southeast Asia: The Fukuda Doctrine and Beyond ed. by Lam Peng Er (review)

pp. 295-297

Beijing’s Power and China’s Borders: Twenty Neighbors in Asia ed. by Bruce A. Elleman, Stephan Kotkin, and Clive Schofield (review)

pp. 298-300

The Buddha on Mecca’s Verandah: Encounters, Mobilities, and Histories along the Malaysian-Thai Border by Irving Chan Johnson (review)

pp. 301-304