restricted access   Volume 56, Number 2, Spring 2013

Table of Contents


Science and Medicine

Evolution and Medicine

pp. 167-183

When Ethics Precludes Randomization: Put Prospective, Matched-Pair Observational Studies to Work

pp. 184-197

On Slicing an Obvious Salami Thinly: Science, Patent Case Law, and the Fate of the Early Biotech Sector in the Making of EPO

pp. 198-222

Ethics and Philosophy

Postmodern Medicine: An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Its Critics

pp. 223-235

To Repent or To Rationalize: Three Physicians Exchange Letters on the Ethics of Experimentation in Postwar Medicine

pp. 236-243

History and Biography

The Rise of Pathophysiologic Research in the United States: The Role of Two Harvard Hospitals

pp. 244-250

Two Philosophical Deaths: Hume and Hitchens

pp. 251-258

Medical Education and Practice

Medical Apps: Public and Academic Perspectives

pp. 259-273

From "Does it work?" to "What is 'it'?": Implications for Voodoo, Psychotherapy, Pop-Psychology, Regular, and Alternative Medicine

pp. 274-288

A Theoretical Lens for Revealing the Complexity of Chronic Care

pp. 289-299

The Logic of Medical Diagnosis

pp. 300-315

Formulating a Curriculum on Aging and Health for University Undergraduates

pp. 316-325