restricted access   Volume 6, Number 3, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


The Interpretation of Miracles according to Mutahhari and Golshani: Comparative and Critical Notes

pp. 261-288

Shari‘ah Views on Adjusting the Repayment Amount of Loans and Debts According to a Price Index

pp. 289-306

From Tyre to Tehran: Transnational Links Amongst Lebanese Shi‘a Clerical Families

pp. 307-322

In Defence of Bada’

pp. 323-336

Book Reviews

An Introduction to Said Nursi: Life, Thought and Writings by Ian S. Markham and Suendam Birinci Pirim, and: Theodicy and Justice in Modern Islamic Thought: The Case of Said Nursi ed. by Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi‘ (review)

pp. 337-342

Theological Approaches to Qur’anic Exegesis: A Practical Comparative-Contrastive Analysis by Hussein Abdul-Raof (review)

pp. 343-346

Shi’ism: A Religion of Protest by Hamid Dabashi (review)

pp. 347-354

The Spirit of Tolerance in Islam by Reza Shah-Kazemi (review)

pp. 355-362

The Triumph of Mercy: Philosophy and Scripture in Mullā Ṣadrā by Mohammed Rustom (review)

pp. 363-365

Book Notes

pp. 367-372

Notes and Comments

p. 373


p. 375