restricted access   Volume 14, Number 3, Summer 2013 (New Series)

Table of Contents

From the Editors

The Kritika Review Demystified

pp. 483-484


Speaking Sharia to the State : Muslim Protesters, Tsarist Officials, and the Islamic Discourses of Late Imperial Russia

pp. 485-505

Sergei Witte and the Press: A Study in Careerism and Statecraft

pp. 507-534

Concealing Labor Pain: The Evil Eye and the Psychoprophylactic Method of Painless Childbirth in Soviet Russia

pp. 535-559

Andrei Ershov and the Soviet Information Age

pp. 561-584

Review Essays

Pogroms in Russian History

pp. 585-598

A Negentropic Society?: Wartime and Postwar Soviet History

pp. 599-619

Where Did All the Normal People Go?: Another Look at the Soviet 1970s

pp. 621-640


New on the Piety of Yore

pp. 641-649

Personality and Place in Russian Culture—or Not

pp. 650-658

Russian Philosophy as a Defense of Human Dignity

pp. 659-672

Soviet Urban Planning, Housing Policies, and De-Stalinization

pp. 673-682

Coming to Terms with a Violent Past

pp. 683-690

In Memoriam

Viktor Markovich Zhivov (1945-2013)

pp. 691-696


To the Editors

pp. 697-698

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 699-700