restricted access   Volume 37, Number 3, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


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Introduction: Locating the Society of American Indians

pp. 1-22

Plank 1

Four Thousand Invitations

pp. 23-43

The Indian/Agent Aporia

pp. 45-62

Plank 2

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin: Indigenizing the Federal Indian Service

pp. 63-86

An Indian Woman of Many Hats: Laura Cornelius Kellogg’s Embattled Search for an Indigenous Voice

pp. 87-115

Laura Cornelius Kellogg, Lolomi, and Modern Oneida Placemaking

pp. 117-138

A Prescription for Freedom: Carlos Montezuma, Wassaja, and the Society of American Indians

pp. 139-158

Plank 3

The Peyote Controversy and the Demise of the Society of American Indians

pp. 159-180

Singing at a Center of the Indian World: The SAI and Ohio Earthworks

pp. 181-198

“Help Indians Help Themselves”: Gertrude Bonnin, the SAI , and the NCAI

pp. 199-218

Plank 4

The SAI and the End(s) of Intellectual History

pp. 219-235

Bundling the Day and Unraveling the Night

pp. 237-240

Plank 5

Transnational Progressivism: African Americans, Native Americans, and the Universal Races Congress of 1911

pp. 241-261

The Soul of Unity: The Quarterly Journal of the Society of American Indians, 1913–1915

pp. 263-289

Ho-Chunk Warrior, Intellectual, and Activist: Henry Roe Cloud Fights for the Apaches

pp. 291-309

Carlos Montezuma’s Fight against “Bureauism”: An Unexpected Pima Hero

pp. 311-330

Plank 6

The Mutuality of Citizenship and Sovereignty: The Society of American Indians and the Battle to Inherit America

pp. 331-351

Selected Bibliography

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Contributor Biographies

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