restricted access   Volume 37, Number 1, April 2013

Table of Contents


Hamlet and the Ghost: A Joint Sense of Time

pp. 1-19

Nietzsche's Tragic Performance: The Still-Living Mother and the Dionysian in Ecce Homo

pp. 20-35

Gen-, Shakespeare, Heidegger, and the Nature of Mortal Being

pp. 36-52

In Focus: Poetry, Context, Meaning

The Example of Poetry

pp. 53-71

From Passion to Affection: The Art of the Philosophical in Eighteenth-Century Poetics

pp. 72-87

Poetry in the Novels of Iris Murdoch

pp. 88-101

Relevance Theory and Poetic Effects

pp. 102-117

"Decode into chrysanthemums": Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge and Post-Structuralist Thought

pp. 118-135

Symposium: American Perspectives

Philosophical Vignettes in Jefferson's Notes on Virginia

pp. 136-163

The Doldrums, or Shadows of Revolution in Theodore Dreiser's Cold World

pp. 164-178

Thoreau's Evanescence

pp. 179-198

Race and Existential Commitment in James Baldwin

pp. 199-209

The State of Nature on Route 66: Jack Kerouac's On The Road and the Social Contract Tradition

pp. 210-227

Notes and Fragments

Plath and the Philosophical Novel

pp. 228-238

Contradiction and Coriolanus: A Philosophical Analysis of Mao Tse Tung's Influence on Bertolt Brecht

pp. 239-246

Literary Forms of Life

pp. 247-256

Reader's Responses

Morality, Historical Narrative, and Problems in New Formalism

pp. 257-265