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From: Journal of Women's History

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Editor's Note

pp. 6-8

Women's History in the New Millennium: Rethinking Public and Private--Continuing the Conversation

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Notice to Contributors

pp. 232-233

Women's History in the New Millennium:
Rethinking Public and Private—Continuing the Conversation

The Public and the Private Good: Across the Great Divide in Womens History

pp. 10-27

Further Thoughts on the Public/Private Distinction

pp. 28-39

Gendered Theologies of Childbirth in Early Modern Germany and the Devotional Handbook for Pregnant Women by Aemilie Juliane, Countess of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1683)

pp. 40-67

"Vive la Commune!": Feminism, Socialism, and Revolutionary Revival in the Aftermath of the 1871 Paris Commune

pp. 68-98

Revolutionary Warrior and Gendered Icon: Aida Lafuente and the Spanish Revolution of 1934

pp. 99-122

Feeding the Imperial Appetite: Imperial Knowledge and Anglo-Indian Discourse

pp. 123-149

The Schoolhouse vs. the Armory: U.S. Teachers and the Campaign Against Militarism in the Schools, 1914-1918

pp. 150-179

Getting to the Source

Hints for Wives--and Husbands

pp. 180-187


A Failure to Communicate

pp. 188-196

Reproduction, Regulation, and Body Politics

pp. 197-206

Voices of the Other from the 'Other Europe': Recovering East-Central European Women's Literary Heritage

pp. 207-213

Troubling Women's History: Women in Right-Wing and Colonial Politics

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