restricted access   Volume 126, Number 501, Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Pinkster: An Atlantic Creole Festival in a Dutch-American Context

pp. 245-271

Hybridity and Authenticity in US Day of the Dead Celebrations

pp. 272-301

Inviting the Uninvited Guest: Ritual, Festival, Tourism, and the Namahage of Japan

pp. 302-334

Sound Review

Polk Miller & His Old South Quartette (review)

pp. 335-336

Book Reviews

Isuma: Inuit Video Art by Michael Robert Evans, and: The Fast Runner: Filming the Legend of Atanarjuat by Michael Robert Evans (review)

pp. 337-338

We Will Dance Our Truth: Yaqui History in Yoeme Performances by David Delgado Shorter (review)

pp. 338-340

Meeting Jimmie Rodgers: How America’s Original Roots Music Hero Changed the Pop Sounds of a Century by Barry Mazor (review)

pp. 340-341

Tales of Kentucky Ghosts by William Lynwood Montell (review)

pp. 341-343

Bieganski: The Brute Polak Stereotype, Its Role in Polish-Jewish Relations and American Popular Culture by Danusha B. Goska (review)

pp. 343-344

The Musical Ear: Oral Tradition in the USA by Anne Dhu McLucas (review)

pp. 344-346

Work and Sing: A History of Occupational and Labor Union Songs in the United States by Ronald D. Cohen (review)

pp. 346-347

Recess Battles: Playing, Fighting, and Storytelling by Anna R. Beresin (review)

pp. 347-348

Explaining Traditions: Folk Behavior in Modern Culture by Simon J. Bronner (review)

pp. 348-350

Crawfish Bottom: Recovering a Lost Kentucky Community by Douglas A. Boyd (review)

pp. 350-351

Digital Jesus: The Making of a New Christian Fundamentalist Community on the Internet by Robert Glenn Howard (review)

pp. 351-353

Critical & Creative Perspectives on Fairy Tales: An Intertextual Dialogue between Fairy-Tale Scholarship and Postmodern Retellings by Vanessa Joosen (review)

pp. 353-354

I Wonder as I Wander: The Life of John Jacob Niles by Ron Pen (review)

pp. 354-356

Information about Contributors

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